Design, Development, Manufacturing, Assembly, Validation, Transportation, Installation and Qualification of Shielding Doors.

Motorized Shielding Bunker Doors are made of:

  • Door made of a Steel Structure filled with Shielding Materials (the shape and geometry is ad hoc designed to maximize the shielding performances);
  • Rails on which the Wheels slide during the opening and closing phases of the Door;
  • Electromechanical Motion System;
  • Electrical Panel with all devices required to perform each operation of the Door in safety.

Door moving is suited to be parallel or perpendicular through the wall, SOPHIA designed also a special solutions (patent pending) with a rotary system to allow the door rotating around an external axis.

Design and Munufacturing according to the Customer technical requirements.

Our technical experts design the most suitable and cost-effective solution, according to the shielding and dimensions requests. Bunker doors are supplied with all quality and safety documentation.

In order to ensure maximum safety to the operators, the design and manufacturing is performed, in compliance with the following legislative/regulatory framework:

  • Directive 2006/42/CE of the European Parliament (Machinery directive)
  • EN 13155: Cranes. Safety. Non-fixed load lifting attachments
  • Directive 73/23/CEE Low Voltage
  • Directive Electromagnetic Compatibility 89/392/CEE
  • UNI EN 12445:2002; UNI EN 12453:2002


Relative humidity (non-condensing) Max 85%
Max Dimensions [mt] 3.0 mt x 2.8 mt x 2.5
Empty Mass [Kg] 43500
Voltage [V] 400
Frequency [Hz] 50
Engine [KW] 1.1
Max Pressure [bar] 10
Tank Capacity [L] 5
Air Flow [L/min] 180

Shielding Door – Installations

Motorized Shielding Door

The Rail System is designed to support the weight of the door during working phase, to avoid any deformation. The core of support systems is welded with the armor of the floor and completely cast with concrete in the building structure, in order to ensure the maximum performances. Handling System is made by a Kinematic Mechanism moved by an Electric Engine, connected to a Mechanical Gearbox.

shielding door

Wheels (N°4) have two different geometry:

  • Grooved Wheel, to ensure precision handling and stability during opening/closing
  • Smooth Wheel

A Safety Manual Hand Wheel allows the operator to open/close the Door in emergency case or black out.  The pneumatic system consists of a Compressor and a Gasket, placed around the Door edge. This system ensures the airtight inside the Bunker.

shielding door

Shielding Door – Design & Simulation