Selecting a qualified Blast Door Manufacturer is essential to obtaining pre-fabrication approvals and post-installation acceptance.


With more 10 years of experience and hundred of Blast Resistant Door installations Worldwide, selecting an blast door system for Your project will ensure a successful door installation.

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    For Sòphia High Tech, the customer care is not a simple matter of marketing or information systems, but it concerns the Company’s values and its Vision. This approach is closely related to strategy, communication, integration of business processes, people and culture. This clear vision places the Customer at the center of our goal.

    Working with Sòphia leads a path, rather than a product. Sòphia ensures to the customer high standards and multidisciplinary approach. We create a direct and continuous relationship with the Customers focused on mutual growth.

    Strong targeting on customization, in order to create the best design and manufacturing Door solutions, having a deep interaction with the Customer and maintaining the scheduled deadlines.

    Thanks to this modus operandi, Sòphia, claims among its Customer important firms in Military and Defense fields. In addition, the Company has included important customers even in industrial and scientific research.

    SOPHIA design, manufacture and install hinged and sliding blast resistant doors. SOPHIA is available as pre-engineered solutions or designed to withstand individual dynamic blast load cases, or the combination of several blast cases.

    Sòphia High Tech is responsible for the Design, Development, Manufacturing, Assembly, Validation, Transportation, Installation and Qualification of Blast Resistant Door, AntiExplosion, AntiBurglar and AntiMissile.

    Blast doors need to be tested (physically or by means FEM Simulation) to determine their performance level under blast load conditions. There are many standards depending on different Country’s testing regulations, the time the door withstands, structural damage, glazing, hazards and so much more.

    Ratings tend to fall into categories under ASTM, GSA, PIP, DMG, CPN, UFC and ISO. In Sòphia High Tech, Design and Manufacturing phase is carried out according to the Customer Requirements and US Standards: UFC, USACE, DOD.

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